Trader for Limited Time Offer

Trader for Limited Time Offerについて

From 02 May 01, 2018 in CarShopGLOW, we have carried out the affordable campaign of the trader for.

It will be 5-10% off the partition price of a particular commodity Toshimashite this campaign. For more information about the campaign is as follows.

Trader for campaign Overview

Car shop Glow Tuning parts of car shop glow at tuning parts store (https://www.carshopglow.com/) (car height, aero, tail lamp, foot plate etc.) and RE Amemiya’s tuning parts are more than usual partitions We will offer at 5 to 10% less.

For eligible items

The following items will be subject to the campaign.


  • Original harmonic drive
  • Various aero parts
  • Foot plate
  • Various LED tail lamp kit

※ HID & LED bulb, conversion kit, canceller, etc. are not eligible.

Please check the tuning parts store list and various details of the goods.

CarShopGLOW tuning parts is here.

RE Amemiya

All items handled are subject to the campaign. Please inquire discount rate.

RE Amemiya tuning parts is here.

Inquiries about campaign

Please feel free to contact us from the Contact Us thing about this campaign.

Partition value and sales, on the clearly state that such trade names and quantities concerning delivery time, is smooth and enjoy contact us.

CarShopGLOW inquiry form is here.